Friday, 21 July 2017


He spends hours watching clouds and imagining different things in the clouds.
She spends hours playing basketball.

He clicks pictures of the flora whenever he goes out.
She plays video games.

He watches horror shows.
She watches action flicks.

He listens to soft music
She listens to heavy metals.

He tries to sing aloud to himself.
She tries to crack jokes.

He feeds birds.
She feeds dogs.

He climbs mountains.
She rides horses.

When they were together, they never talked to each other peacefully. Even though they were friends but they never agreed on something. Quarrelling on petty issues. Always contradicting each other.
And then the fate played its part. They were separated.

And now they do all those things, once they hated doing and always argued with the other one for doing so.

Earlier, he used to make fun of her when she used to soak in the beauty of clouds and now he does the same happily.

She didn't know how to play basketball  but now she excels in that. She hated it earlier, but now she plays to keep him alive in her memories.

He used to make a grim face when he used to see her running between tress and clicking pictures of them merrily. He used to find all these things pointless. But now he follows the suit and smiles imagining her doing the same.

She never liked playing video games but now she is a pro! :)

He is scared of ghosts but now watches poltergeists videos. He sure is a brave boy now! :)
After all, now, his fear has disappeared. Thanks to her! :D

She watches action flicks even though she used to find them boring; but thats the thing of the past. She has developed a likeness for them now.

Soft music was never his taste, but now not only he listens to them but also hums along. :)

Heavy metals were not her cup of tea but now her day doesn't start without listening to them.

The one who used to mock her for singing aloud while riding, now sings aloud whenever he is riding.

She was not good in cracking jokes earlier but now she has earned the title of most 'humorous girl'.

He couldn't understand earlier why she loved birds so much but now he religiously feeds these feathered-friends and enjoys sitting amidst birds chirping.

She was scared of dogs earlier but now she is the messiah of all stray dogs in her city. She feeds them, takes care of them and plays with the lovely canines.

She loved to climb hills. He was afraid of heights but now he climbs mountains.

He loved horse-riding. She was not a speed lover but now she rides horses.

When they were together, they didn't spend a single minute without arguing; and now, when they are not with each other anymore, they do everything which their pal used to do. May be this is what we call love. They never realized it when they were shoulder to shoulder but distance has made them realize how much they love each other.

Doing something to keep the other person alive in your memories. This is what love is. Love was there like musk; it lingered there only but they didn't realize that love was within them.

Friday, 7 April 2017

You're worth it


Worried because you didn't score good?

Tensed because that random person left you?

Worried because you didn't get a job?

Worried because you didn't pass the exam?

Tensed... Tensed... Tensed...

I just want to say... Why worry so much?

Duniya khatam nahi hui hai.

There is so much you can do. So just chill.

Marks hi toh hain, es baar aur mehnat kar lena, you will score good.

Worried because you didn't get a job? Well, I believe may be you are destined to get a better job somewhere else or may be to do something much, much better.

Worried because you didn't qualify the exam just because you were short of 0.5 marks? I know that was close. But don't think that you cannot do better next time. Think it as, you are so close to your goal, you are just one step away from reaching your goal. Just one more step and you'll be through. Next time give exam with full confidence and positive zeal. Remember, having a positive attitude is very important otherwise even if we are capable, we fail to get what we want.

Tensed because you were just turned down from a job? Don't worry, may be that job wasn't for you. May be God has reserved you, for a better job. May be He wants you to do something bigger. May be you are fit to do something else.

Heartbroken? That random person whom you had already imagined as your life partner left you? Why worry so much? That fella is not everything. Think of other important people in your life who love you, care for you, who love you just the way you are and who doesn't want you to change for them. May be that person wasn't made for you. God has made someone else for you and you're yet to meet that person. It's the fault of the person who doesn't value you and it's not you to be blamed for. So stop feeling bad.

Get up and rub off your worries.

Just be positive, be confident, don't think about others too much. Watch your actions, do something which makes you happy. It's 'you' who can bring a change in your life.

'You' are the sculptor of your life. Shape it as you like it. Don't let others choose your life for you. So gear up and show this world that you are strong enough to do anything. Don't let others diminish your existence. Live life on your own terms and don't think about what others will think about you. You are worthy and you DESERVE HAPPINESS.

And NEVER do anything to please others. You have not come into this world to please everybody. Just follow your heart. Be happy, start enjoying what you do and then you'll not have any complaints from this world. Try to find happiness in small things you do everyday.

Smile and the world will smile with you! :)

Monday, 6 March 2017


Beauty.... What does it mean to you? How do you perceive it?

For many of us, beauty is just looking good, with those perfectly styled hair, eyelashes laced with mascara, a little dab of face powder, a bit of blush on cheeks, well-sculpted lips with that matte lipstick to make a perfect pout for your selfie, a slim body, so that you can wear that stylish dress which is in vogue. So this is what your defintion of being beautiful is like. Isn't it? 

But if I say, beauty is something else. What will you say?

For me, beauty is being "You". Yes, you read it right. Being beautiful doesn't mean to carry that extra load of make-up on your face. Oh! Wait! That is not a face, that is just a "Masked Face". It's not the real face because it has already been hidden under so many layers of make-up. And then you think, you look beautiful. May to be an extent you are right; but by thinking that you can only look beautiful by using these things, you are underminimg yourself. You feel that if people look at you when you are without make-up then it'd be so bad because they won't find you beautiful. Or they will not like you, the way you used to when you looked a certain way, yes with the masked face of yours.

But you really need to believe that you don't need help of any product; they just ruin your natural beauty and they damage your mind as well because you tend to believe, you don't look good without them. You just have to BELIEVE YOURSELF. 

If you have blue eyes then only you are beautiful. No, it is not like that. Colour of your eyes doesn't define your beauty. It doesn't matter which colour eyes you have. You are beautiful in every way. 

You don't need to have a fair skin to look beautiful. And for God's sake stop trusting and using those fairness creams which claim to make you fair. You don't need them. You are beautiful just the way you are. The colour of your skin doesn't define your beauty. You just have to learn to be comfortable in your own skin. You'll have to learn to love yourself. So the next time someone taunts you for your dark skin. Give them a smile and tell them, 'Yes, I am dark and I am proud of it. I am happy being me because God had made me like this. I love God and He loves me. But it seems you don't like God's creations. You judge God.' Trust me, that folk won't dare to comment on someone ever. 

It doesn't matter if you have curly hair or straight hair. You don't need to have a particular shade of hair to look beautiful.

If you are slim, fine. If you are chubby, great. You don't have to do ruthless exercises to burn that extra calories so that you can fit into a particular dress. And please don't sacrifice your food. Eat healthy food that's all. You don't need to go that extra-mile to look thinner while posing for a photograph. You have to learn to love yourself. Just love the body in which you dwell. Don't criticize yourslef to look a certain way. If you cannot love yourself then how can you expect others to do so?!

You know what it takes to be beautiful? YOU JUST HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF THE WAY YOU ARE. You don't need to change yourself. You need to develop self-confidence. And always wear a smile on your face because a smile is the best ornament one can wear; and it makes you divinely beautiful.

A good nature, humility, self-confidence, a smile on your face, and you are all set to face this world. :) A perfect make-up for you.. minus the masked face. :) Then the people will get to see your real face, your real side and then you'll be called BEAUTIFUL. 

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Have You?

Have you ever greeted the sun with a smile on your face?
Have you listened to the chirping of birds?
Have you felt the soothing dew with your feet while walking barefoot on grass?
Have you seen the sparkling dew sitting royally on flower petals?
Have you ever tried to listen to the beautiful symphonies which surround you?
Have you ever heard the chattering of squirrels?
Have you heard the cuckoo singing in its sweetest voice?
Have you ever tried to sing along with that cuckoo and sometimes even enter into a competition of who will sing louder and better?
Have you tried?
It's fun though. 😀😁
Have you inhaled the sweet scent of rose which transports you to some other dimension?
Have you watched the sunset, which paints the sky in the most breath-taking beautiful hues?
Have you seen the butterflies fluttering and appreciated nature for beautifully colouring these tiny creatures?
Have you seen the bees hovering over flowers?
Have you heard the bumblebee buzzing?
Have you seen the birds flying up above in the sky in the most beautiful and elegant pattern?
Have you seen the clouds complementing the sky? 
Have you ever looked at the clouds and imagined every sort of things which come to your mind and even tried to show it to others as well, struggling to make them imagine the same thing which you thought? 
Have you ever noticed the different shades of green around you?
Have you ever closed your eyes to feel the soft breeze?
Have you ever inhaled the smell of soil which comes after rain?
Have you....?

Thursday, 1 December 2016


Dear  ........(I just want to know whether you remember the name by which I used to address you, rather I should say, tease you,  so fill it by yourself)

You came in my life like a breeze of fresh air. When I didn't even know about who you are, you came to me to offer help, that was really sweet of you. Infact, that was the first time I actually noticed that there exists this guy who actually studies in the same class as I do. It was new class, so I hardly knew people there. Also, being the way I am, I hardly talk to others. I am not really a social being. Silence is what I prefer the most. My friend circle is small.I talk less but when I do, I talk and talk and talk. But with only selected person who are really close to me. Never in my life had I imagined that you'll also become the part of that close knit circle. You were quiet most of the time somewhat like me though. Days passed, months passed and our conversations began leisurely. From class notes to discussing about exams. From talking about movies to our favourite stars(By the way, I loved to tease you by your celeb crush's name and you used to turn crimson). From discussing about latest songs to our petty tiffs(about numerous things which might sound irrelevant to to others). Well,most of the time you were the one who actually crafted such situations which made us fight for no reason, You enjoyed them, no? You did, I know! *wink* But, you know what, I enjoyed it too. I don't know when you became so much important to me. The things which we never used to discuss with anyone about our dreams and aspirations, we used to tell each other. Those late night discussions talking about our life goals and then saying, 'OMG! I never discussed anything like this with anyone.' Ever wondered why, why you told everything to that person only? By the time, I realised, our session came near culmination. It was time to bid adieu to everyone. Filling those slam books,writing messages on friends' shirts,that never ending photo session, pulling each others leg, all became part of memories which will be cherished forever. That last day of college, last ride in bus, that last sentence which you said to me still echoes in my ears. You were always concerned about me,how will I go back home. Who will come to take me? Perhaps, you didn't know but your nature was the main reason why I liked you. You know what whenever I pass by that bus stop, I'm reminded me of you.

College ended and we became engrossed in our respective lives. We do used to talk with each other but eventually everything subsided. No more messages or calls, in the race of achieving your goals everything faded away. Friends became strangers and ignorance became friends. You know what kills the most, it's ignorance. If you want someone to vanish away from your life, you just need to start ignoring the person. You don't need to fight or say something harsh to them, all you need to do is just IGNORE the person. Ignorance is the best tool to eliminate people from your life. And that's exactly what you did. Bravo! Now you don't have a non-stop chatting machine who used to keep nagging 24/7. But before doing this to me. Didn't you ever feel the need to come and say to me, 'I don't want you in my life anymore.' You never thought that way. You are so busy in your life. Ain't you? You are like the morning dew which disappears when sunlight comes. I guess you have found that sunlight which has taken you along with it for eternity. I wish I had turned back that day and expressed my feelings for you but how could I had done that because I myself didn't realise it until we were apart.

Well, now when it has come to all this. I just want to say tell you, "I have stopped turning back to pages of my life's book because every page reminds me of you," I try to ignore those roads on which we used to walk together. I hate the places once I loved because they remind me of you. But, I want to say, a huge thanks to you for coming into my life and telling me the meaning of life, when you were in it, life was beautiful but when you are not in my life anymore it's even more GORGEOUS. Thanks for teaching me that life does not come to an end when you loose that special person. Infact,life can be lived alone, on our own terms, like the way we want it to be. I am alone and happy. Nature is my best friend. Birds are my musical companions and I believe these feathery friends more than humans. 

When you will get this letter I'd be gone very far away.I don't even know if you will ever read this. But if you do, I just want to say that, I have cherished every moment spent with you. You will always remain close to my heart. Wherever you are, I just pray that you stay happy. Don't let others diminish your dazzle. Always remember, that I'll forever remain with you as your guardian angel. Whenever you need me just close you eyes and you'll find me standing by your side. I didn't get the chance to say it when I was there with you but I'm saying it now, I LOVE YOU. 

Hope to meet you inmy next birth.
Until then bye!

Yours and only yours...... *You know the name* Do I need to say more?

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Diwali #JoyOfGiving

DIWALI.... Well this word brings with it lots of fun-filled and happy moments, doesn't it?
I am sure it does. :)
'Diwali' the festival we all love to celebrate with our near and dear ones.

Diwali means shimmering of diyas, a cool array of lights, colourful decorations, new clothes, crackers, sweets and one thing which we all love to receive... the Diwali gifts. Aahaannn..!! There I got you.. I know you love to receive those lovely gifts and also you buy different presents for your beloveds too. :) And it's good too. That's a sweet gesture to show your love and care. But have you ever thought about the kids who never get to see even a tiny earthen lamp lit in their homes, forget new clothes or sweets.? There are so many people in this world who don't get to enjoy the way we do. I know we can't help them all but can't we do a li'l bit to help them? If each one of us lends our helping hand to even a single poor family in bringing joy in their lives then won't it be amazing. Your single work of kindness can bring a plethora of happiness in their lives. And trust me the happiness you get after helping someone is unparallel to any other act of kindness. When you are the reason behind someone else's happiness that feeling is amazing. If you can spend so much on your beloveds then why can't you spend a small fraction for the needy? I am not compelling you but just give it a thought!

So next time when you buy something, please buy some extra sweets so that when you stop at the signal and a li'l kid knocks at your car's window and ask you to buy a flower then please don't hesitate from buying it and also offer those sweets to that kid and wish 'Happy Diwali'. That tiny act of kindness will fill that kid with bundle of joy and you will also feel elated seeing that child smiling because of you.

Go to an orphanage, distribute gifts among the children, spend time with them, play with them, talk to them.
So tell me, won't it be a good way to celebrate Diwali?

You see there are so many ways to help people. Now I am not going to talk about it anymore I want you all to go out and do your bit. :)
Good Luck!

This Diwali let's celebrate "Joy of Giving".

Monday, 12 September 2016

Friends? No we are just STRANGERS

There were two very good friends. They talked, laughed at each other jokes. Stood with one another in tough times. But then life played it's trick. They both got engrossed in their lives so much, running behind success that they forgot to give time to each other. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years and there was no communication between the two. One used to think, why doesn't the other bother to talk to me why should I always be the first. And one day when fate brought them face to face, they met like complete strangers not willing to recognize each other. When a third person asked 'Do you know him?' They both said together, 'No we are strangers." What an irony of life! Well, atleast even now they agree at something. But why did all this happen? What was the reason behind it? Well, it was the so called 'Ego' which didn't let two besties forget their last few years and enjoy their old camaraderie. 

Many a times this happens with us. We forget the times we enjoyed with each other. Those picnics, that lunch we used to eat even before the interval bell rang, the times we played together, the crazy talks which we had. Everything just ceases as if it never happened. But this shouldn't have happened, right? We should never let our ego overpower us. After all, what are we without our kith and kins? Whatever we do in our lives is for the sake of our beloveds only. Then why does this happen that we forget to give time to those who meant so much to us. Don't you think that we need to priortize things a bit? I know it's difficult to do. But can't we spare just a few moments from our hectic schedule for ourselves and our people. It could be just a 15 second call to your mom, dad or friend. Or a li'l text like 'I miss us' will also do. (I'll say 'I miss us' because it's not about that single person but about the bond which you both share) 

Trust me when you do such things, the faces of your loved ones will brighten up with a 1000kW smile Aaahhhh!! The best feeling ever!! When you see your dear ones happy because of you. :) :D
Tell me if I'm wrong.?

Okay, I will take your leave now. I guess this is enough for today. I have taken enough of your precious time. Thanks for reading. :)