Sunday, 7 February 2016


Love... What is Love? How do you define it?
Well, each one of us have our own perceptions about love. I'd like to
express my views on the most sought after feeling.

Love is selfless devotion. It's not about likes and dislikes. It's about
accepting a person with his/her flaws and virtues. Moreover, it involves respecting and
understanding each other. It's about thinking about others' happiness
before yours. Love is boundless. Love is seeking happiness in others' joys.

Here I am talking about Love in general. It's not merely about two lovers.
Love is a universal feeling. Every living thing that exists on this Earth
needs to be loved. Even a sapling needs to be nourished with love and
care. If you water it regularly but you start cursing it then you'll see
that it won't grow. It will eventually die. But, if you water that sapling
with few words of love and care then it will soon turn out to be a
healthier plant.

Each and every creature knows the language of love. You communicate with
your pets, they know your mood swings. They know how to make you smile when
you are feeling low. You are connected with your pet by that bond which we
call love.


 When a li'l baby is born, all it understands is that feeling of warmth and
care of her mother. The relationship of an infant with her mother is so
pure that there is no need of any language to understand each other. That
cuddle, that hug, that soft touch is what it connects a mom with her baby.
It's just pure bliss.

I believe that LOVE can do wonders, it can transform even an evil spirit
into a loving angel. As it was depicted in "Beauty and the Beast" too.

Love can move mountains, though not practically but emotionally it can, for

Love is boundless to any language.
It's an ultimate feeling which imparts divine serenity and bliss to our
Love is "Beatific"
Love is "Happiness"
Love is "Sacrifice"
Love is "Selflessness"

This world would become "HEAVEN ON EARTH" if we live with Love and Harmony
amongst ourselves.