Friday, 12 August 2016

Unending chain of forwarding and receiving texts which assure you of bringing good luck

Hello, everyone!!

I am so sure that just like me you also might have received messages saying that they will bring good luck to you if you forward those messages further. We all at some point of time receive such sort of texts maybe on whatsapp or via sms or a mail, through facebook posts or anything like that. We all go through things like these almost everyday. The people who create such messages try to play with your emotions saying that if you don't do such and such things then you will have to face some mishappening or even worse than this, some say, your mother, father or any beloved will die. They will bribe you in the name of God or your beloveds. Ranging from assuring you a good news to becoming rich. They will leave no stone unturned in compelling you to join that never-ending chain of forwarding all those meaningless texts. I don't know who has got this much amount of time that they happily create these false messages.

You guys tell me, how many of you have got your wish fulfilled by forwarding these texts. How many of you have got your love? How many of you have got a job?  How many of you have become rich? I mean, if any of such things were fruitful then what on earth are we doing? There is no point of doing hard work then. We all can forward these texts and get our wishes fulfilled. We can get love of our life or we can get richer or accomplish our biggest dream. But these shortcuts are not the path to achieve our lives different goals. If such things promised you a better life then everyone will stop going on their work, no one will do anything to get what they want. They all will simply send these stupid texts and enjoy their life happily. But life is much more than this. No one can rely on futile things like these.

All these things just create unending chain of forwarding, receiving, again forwarding, receiving and it goes on and on just because of the fear that if you don't forward these nugatory messages then you will have to face the wrath. As if seriously, if you don't do what they say then you will have to suffer. Come on,they are not God, they can't change you life, they aren't supposed to command you. All they know is to play with your emotions. And just because of our trepidations they even become successful in their plans.

I just want you all to understand these things. I know many of you hate this thing like me and even dont get trapped in these matters. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you all. I mean, come on guys, don't you think that we just need to get over all this crap. And to all those who are involved in this practice in any way, I just want to say, please, "GROW UP". 

  -- coming from a heart who is fed up of receiving such messages almost on a daily basis.